Credit Attorney

Credit repair services are mandatory for two reasons. Statistics show than seventy-nine percent of credit reports have errors. Statistics also show that there are twenty million people that suffer from poor ratings.

Anything one wants to learn or know how to do can be found online; building and fixing credit is no exception. There are many discussions on improving credit both on and offline. There is also much talk both offline and online in terms of the best way to improve your ratings, an on-going debate as to whether or not it is better to fix your credit yourself or hire a professional.

Either option can fix your low scores. However you get what you choose or not choose to pay for. For a price the credit repair companies can do the work for you. In order to successfully repair your credit you must have basic knowledge of credit laws. The bureaus do not make the task easy for you that is why a lot of people think it is a wise idea to hire a repair company.

Two types of credit repair companies are:  non-attorney based and attorney based. Non-attorney companies do more work than attorney based companies because they do not have a staff of attorneys fixing credit. These companies work to help you; they practically do the work for you so it appears as though you were going through the credit repair process yourself.

Then there are attorney based companies that are made up of attorneys that work especially to repair credit. They have a very thorough understanding of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the documents that explain consumer rights and regulations pertaining to credit. These companies also have a thorough understanding of the Fair Debt Collections Act.

Either credit repair company you decide to choose should work closely with and have an interest in you and your repair process. Once hired, it is the credit repair company’s responsibility to order the reports, disputing wrong information, and reviewing your credit reports to make sure everything is correct. Remember, fixing credit is a process and you have to be patient. Once the credit fixing process begins you can expect the companies to charge you on a monthly basis.