Credit Attorney Can Help to Rebuild Credit

A low credit score, due to missed and late payments, will result in an application for credit being rejected by the lender. Whether an application is turned down due to erroneous data or bad credit is immaterial as the outcome is the same. Fortunately, a credit attorney will be able to resolve many of these issues within a few months. A bad credit rating will normally take up to 10 years to fully recover from, but this isn’t necessary when the information held is wrong.

Assistance from a Credit Attorney

A credit repair attorney will help an individual to remove credit report errors and entries that should not show under the Limitation Act. The Fair Credit Reporting Act also gives consumers the right to correct any inaccurate data meaning that they can improve credit relatively quickly. It is important to appreciate that all of this can be performed by the individual without any of the associated charges.

How to Overcome a Low Credit Score with a Credit Repair Attorney

A comprehensive analysis of the client’s credit report will be performed in order to identify debts that shouldn’t show as well as any inaccurate data. Provided that the consumer has done their part (supplied the appropriate supporting information), credit reference agencies are legally obliged to commence the credit report error correction process within 30 days. Invalid entries will be deleted and not assessed by creditors when lending money or refinancing loans.

What Does a Credit Attorney Typically Offer?

  • The opportunity to correct unlimited credit report errors.
  • Access to a dispute manager via a toll-free number.
  • Account investigations and a debt validation service.
  • The opportunity to cancel the subscription at any time.

Rates start from as little as $29.99 a month, although the higher the premium paid the more comprehensive the program of support. As already alluded to, all of the above can be performed by the individual. However, it is a matter of assessing whether it can be performed correctly and in full.