Credit Repair Companies

Credit card boom has given rise to mushroom growth of credit Repair Companies making it hard for people to differentiate between the genuine and the scam companies.  Here are some top companies that you can choose from if looking for best credit repair companies.

Lexington Law

A true and trusted leader in the market, this company has more than two years of experience and has helped more than half a million clients to successful recovery from bad credit. The average removal from the clients’ combined credit reports is 8.7 by the first three month and is therefore one of the best credit repair companies.

Free online consultation is provided through its website The three main features of the company are Case Facilitators, case supervisors and payment as the case proceeds. More information about the cost, refund policy, work procedure etc can be obtained from the website or by calling at 1-800-756-9681.

MSI Credit Solutions

This credit repair company has more than a decade experience and is useful especially for personalized credit plans. Free consultation is provided in the beginning. The fee is then tailored according to the clients’ needs.  MSI deals with Skipped payments, Charge offs, Foreclosures and Collections issues of credit repairs.

For free consultation call 1 (866) 217 9841. MSI will provide you with the solution you need for your bad credit repair or go to the website for further information.

Close-up of Credit CardOvation Credit Services

Another famous name in the list of credit repair companies is ovation Credit Services. The initial fee is $87.  A monthly maintenance fee of $37 is also charged from the clients against the services provided by the company. In a short duration of six years this company earned name and found place on the list of top credit repair companies. It provides discount for couples. More information about the company and credit repair techniques is available on

Sky Blue

Sky blue is a very well reputed and reliable credit restoration company. They are famous for their customer support and clean record among the credit repair companies. They have been in the service industry for more than 20 years. The company has money back guarantee which they stick to. The set-up fee is $49 and Monthly fee is $49. Special discount is given to married couples. You can get detailed information about the company and its policies from the website  Free consultation can be obtained from the experts of sky blue at 800-790-0445.

DSI Solution

The important feature which makes this company unique among the other credit repair companies is its attainment of credit report for you. Their setup process is there for not cumbersome. It was founded in 2001 and has since been providing service to thousands of clients who have shown their satisfaction over the company’s service and performance.  For fee payment they have two options. Pay the entire cost at once or break it into smaller installments. They do not charge any monthly fee from their clients. To obtain the company’s service visit the office. Details of the address are given below.

DSI Credit Repair, PMB 552, Whiting IN. 46394-0552, Fax: 1-866-361-5721 or you can visit