Believe it or not, there are people in the financial sector that do care about helping people get out of debt. Credit Counseling Non Profit Companies is a legitimate way for individuals to take hold of their debts and their lives. If you are reading this and you think you are at the bottom of your hole with no way out, cheer up. This article is not trying to sell you anything else, but will provide you with a couple tips to help you start whittling your debt down and point you toward some non-profit services that might be able to help give you a boost out of that whole.

First, I want to say I am writing about my own experiences here. Before I graduated college, a company that shall remain unnamed stuck a credit card in my hand and gave me a huge limit. This was particularly interesting because, I didn’t even have a job yet. Would I like to buy a new camcorder, sure just put it on the card. Trip to Canada, absolutely, just swipe the card. Before I knew it, I was drowning in about $13,000.00USD of debt. What is even crazier is that one of my friends had over $30,000.00USD credit card debt before he graduated. That amount of debt took me over 8 years to pay off. What I realized is that I should have called a non-profit credit counseling company to help me. I bought some books and I put some of the theories to work. I started with my highest interest credit card and called the company and negotiated a lower rate. That immediately saved about $50 off my minimum payment and more of my payment was now going to the principle instead of just interest. After I paid off the first card I went to my next one and paid it down slowly, but as fast as I could. The first step is to call the credit companies and explain that you are really trying to pay the cards off, and if they would help with the interest rate, then you would be willing to make higher payments. That one piece of advice saved me thousands in interest over that eight years.

Credit counseling non-profit company has people who will help you make a plan of how to get out of debt and stick to it. They will not consolidate your debt or file bankruptcy, but they will kick your butt if you get behind on your plan. Sometimes that is exactly what a person needs is a swift kick in the rear to get you moving in the right direction.