Credit Attorneys

There are number of credit attorneys in USA and choosing the right attorney for ones case in a limited time becomes difficult when so many options are available. Also some bogus attorneys also deceive people already in trouble of bad credit. The following are some well know credit attorneys whose service can be sought according to your need.

Dana M. Facemyer

Working as directing attorney at Credit Attorney, P.C since 2001, Facemyer has worked for the credit improvement of more than 50,000 clients with other practice areas as domestic law, real estate disputes, credit collections disputes, wrongful death and civil litigation. His wide experience made his firm Credit Attorney, P.C. an invaluable asset for credit issue clients.

Facemyer studied from Seattle University in Washington and is member of Utah Bar since 1997. He is among the top rated credit attorneys and can be contacted at

2155 North Freedom Blvd.
Provo,UT 84604

Phone: 801-235-9400
Fax: 801-705-8480

More information about him and his partner attorneys can be found at

Walter F. Benenati

The Law Offices of Walter F. Benenati is one of the most sought after credit attorneys in USA. He was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After his schooling he went to Honors College of Florida International University’s esteemed when he received the coveted USA Today’s All-Florida Academic Team Full-Tuition Scholarship.

Benenati offers free consultation through phone or in office from Monday to Friday. Bankruptcy, Debt Relief, Debt Collection, Harassment, Credit Report Litigation and Credit Repair are his area of practice. He accepts visa, master and discover credit card for Fee payment. Visit his office at

105 E. Robinson Street – Suite 302
Florida Bank of Commerce Building
Orlando, Florida 32801

Call at 407-287-6938 for instant help or visit

Mark F. Anderson

Mark Anderson is another famous name in the list of top credit attorneys. He has been practicing law for 41 years. Almost all cases have been settled in favor of the clients. His other expertise includes lemon law and auto fraud cases, consumer class actions and many more. He got his law education form University of Nebraska – Lincoln and is working in the jurisdiction of California. Since 1970 to date, he has been member of California State Bar.

He can be contacted at phone number 415-651-1951. His office address if you want to visit him is

600 California Street
18th Floor
San Francisco, California 94108.

More information can be obtained from

Samira Ghazal

Her Law firm is in Florida and is one of the well reputed credit attorneys in USA. Her legal practice is extended over 25 years. She charges no fee until she recovers from her clients behalf. She was born in Miami, Florida and got her law degree from the University of Miami. Since 1990 she is member of the Florida Bar. Sumera Ghazal also studied at Oxford School of Law, Oxford England. She started private practice in 1994 with her focuses area of practice being Fair Credit Reporting Act, Bankruptcy, Fair Debt collection Practices Act and Foreclosure Defense. She has license to practice both in Florida and the federal courts and has waste litigation experience. She also receive the award for Who’s Who In Outstanding Leadership in Their Profession kin 2001-2 and 2004-5. She also arranges free of charge seminars on credit issues and correcting credit file at various schools.  Her valuable service in the law field has made her one of the best credit attorneys in USA.

Her addresses:
1909 SW 27th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33145

For appointment, her phone number is 305.860.1221 and Fax is 305.860.9161

Andrew J. Ogilvie

Andrew works in partnership with Mark F. Anderson at AOB. He did his graduation from Harvard University and got his Law degree from the University Of Wisconsin Law School. In 1973 he started working at the State Bar of California in. In 1974 he was admitted to State Bar of Massachusetts. He started his own practice in 1987 and through his knowledge and skills he has found himself a high ranking in the list of credit attorneys in USA.

He can be mailed at or called at 415 651 1952 for more information. His address is
600 California Street
18th Floor
San Francisco, California 94108