Things a Credit Attorney Can Do For You

Financial hardship is overwhelming. The inability to pay your bills may lead to repossessions, garnishments, foreclosures, and an inferior quality of life. And not only do you suffer physically during a financial crisis, you also suffer emotionally. Depression can set in and make it difficult for you to function let alone find a solution to your financial woes. This is where a credit attorney can help navigate the credit repair law.

A credit repair attorney is not a bankruptcy lawyer. While a bankruptcy lawyer will help you file for bankruptcy which may alleviate your debt burden, he will not help you rebuild or help you with credit repair law. That will be left up to you to do after the bankruptcy is final. A credit repair lawyer, on the other hand, will help you work with your creditors to find a solution to your problems which will help rebuild your credit.

Things a Credit Attorney Can Do For YouThe following is a list of 5 things that a credit repair lawyer can do for you:

  • The first thing that an attorney will do to help relieve you of your debt and restore your credit is to help you formulate a budget. He will then help you locate the areas that are causing you financial distress. He may also be able to show you where you are misspending or areas where you can cut costs.
  • Next a credit lawyer will help identify which debts are valid and which ones are not. If you dispute any debt that is on your credit report, your attorney can help you go through the necessary channels to dispute a debt and have it removed from your credit report. Don’t over this step; you’ll be amazed of what could be completely removed by simply applying credit repair law to your situation…
  • After identifying which debts are causing you the most hardship, your credit repair lawyer will work with your creditors to discharge portions of your debt and lower your payments. Your attorney may even be able to lower your interest rates on some lines of credit. This will dramatically affect your payment and the length of time that it takes to pay off the debt.
  • Once all of your debts are accounted for and adjusted, with your credit fixed the lawyer will help you formulate a new budget that will put you on track to financial success. He will counsel you in ways that you can start to save money and move forward.
  • If any of your creditors take you to court, your credit lawyer will represent you and help you come to some sort of agreement with them. In extreme situations, your attorney may recommend that you file for bankruptcy, but this is an extreme step and should not be taken lightly.

People from all economic levels can experience financial distress. You should never feel embarrassed about your situation and ignore what is going on around you. Ignoring creditors and your financial situation will not make things any better. In fact, it may make things worse. Addressing your problems head on, though, shows creditors that you are serious about resolving the issue and restoring your credit which will make them more willing to work with you. This is why you should consider hiring a credit repair lawyer or credit repair service at the first sign of trouble.